We are concern Americans..We try to use collective action from the local level to effect change at the local, regional, national, or international level. We simply are trying to encourage political conversation. We are trying to bring public attention to regional political concerns. on increasing mass participation in politics.

  • § Gathering signatures for petition
  • § Organizing large demonstrations
  • § We didn't have the resources to run a massive presidential campaign across the United States, so need  passionate volunteer organizers across the nation to build the movement.

Congress simply does not work for the public good. 

Current public dissatisfaction with Congress is at a historic low with nine percent of the public saying that it is doing its job. 

Understanding what the public sees as important for democracy, understanding what the public perceives as the extent to which the United States is fulfilling or not fulfilling certain standards—I think that’s a vital part of understanding democracy today.”Large majorities say the U.S. doesn’t take the interests of other countries into account when making foreign policy decisions