The example of the speech:

One and maybe the most important example of the wrong path, that our country got on to during this presidency, is the particular legislation called -  S 447 JUST.

Signed by President Trump on May 9, 2018 in a very unprecedented manner. It was simply pushed through the legislation process by acclamation  “under suspension of rules" -  without a roll call and based on a voice vote, no record who and how voted as the uncontroversial legislation among other laws regarding Syria and Iran. 

This legislation breaks:

  • international law
  • US constitution
  • is discriminatory


  • hurts US and Polish alliance

This legislation requires Poland to pay, only to the Jewish community (excluding other ethnicities),a horrendous amount of 300 billion dollars. This money is the compensation for the property destroyed by the German war of aggression. This amount is almost three years’ worth of Poland Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Poland cannot generate this kind without breaking down its economy.  It will create chaos in the center of Europe when the Polish economy crashes. And for a second time Poland, the only strong and strategic ally of the USA in central Europe, will be hurt unjustly. After enduring a tremendous loss of life 8 million people and destruction of property of 80% in the second world war, this next economic destruction will wipe it of the face of the map.

This property, belonging to Polish citizens of Jewish faith, became so called “heirless property” and according to international law also became the asset of the Republic of Poland. In the same way the USA considers heirless property as a its own asset.

Based on this precedent, where Jewish Tribal law replaced international law, all Indigenous peoples living in Connecticut and throughout the country will request the restitutions for property and even dwellings built on tribal land. It is recipe for chaos. It is simply unconstitutional in many aspects.

At the end I would like to characterizes how the polish people describe the relations between USA and Poland after this bill was signed:

If the one has such a friend – one does not need an enemy. 

I am handing to You Mr Himes these two documents for review.  These documents present this problem in more detail:

  1. Text of the legislation S 447 Just
  2. Legal objections prepared by American-Polish lawyers.