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       Edward Reid


IMG 3524Edward Reid has been studying Polish history for over a decade. He lived in Poland and taught English philology at Regent College in Elblag - part of the University of Gdansk. He runs other platforms (,, and as well, all in support o promoting the truth about Polish history. He has his BA in history/Art from Palm Beach Atlantic University and Graduate work from Georgia state. He taught university-level classes for five years and secondary classes for two, he now works in the entertainment industry in Atlanta as a screenwriter, producer, and actor.


"My intention is to disprove the disinformation that is propagated against Poland by using historical accuracy and setting the record straight.  For many years and especially now, Poland has been slandered in many ways, especially being accused of being a collaborationist county with the Nazis, as well as overwhelmingly antisemitic, which is absolutely not factual. 

This is part of an agenda that is used for many reasons, partially by the Holocaust industry as well as to maintain the status of keeping one people as the only sacred victim, disregarding others, monopolizing suffering to keep the Poles out of this "holy 6 million". 

To isolate others from their proper place as victims of the terror of Nazism is dishonorable and shameful and to then place those people in the aggressor camp is heartless. For anyone who cares about the truth and passing on the sanctity of the deaths of three million beautiful souls that perished, it is important to fight this attack on the Polish honor" 




Thank you for any of your help, it really assists with my producing more films and writing.