In Defense of Constitutional Principle of Equal Protection Under Law                                                                 Petition to the U.S. Senate and House of Reprentatives to Repeal


Signed by the U.S. President D. Trump on May 9th, 2018

               The J.U.S.T. Act, Public Law 115-171, requires that the Secretary of State prepare a report assessing the Holocaust asset restitution laws of certain countries and evaluating how well they promote and provide for the return of property to the rightful owners, or pay compensation, or if there are no heirs, giving the heirless property or compensation to undefined Holocaust survivors, to undefined entities to support Holocaust education, and for other undefined purposes.

               The Secretary of State‚Äôs report will be used to pressure those countries, including by threats of sanctions, to do more for Holocaust-related interests. The J.U.S.T. act benefits only one group of victims while ignoring the other victims who suffered identical losses of property during World War II. The preferential treatment of Holocaust survivors over the survivors of other genocides is based on religion or ethnicity.   It discriminates against other victims and violates the rights of United States citizens to equal protection and fair treatment by the United States. Therefore, the J.U.S.T. Act must be repealed.